4 min readJan 20, 2020

The surge of adrenaline burst open,

Soft-spoken, broke my heart open,

Shellings of love left me drunken.

Lives lost in love,

Soaking wet in dreams,

Drenched in little shillings of passions,

I learned a whole lot of compassion.

Things I never thought I would ever say,

I sat in a corner, astray,

Foray burst the clouds, shelled the rains away,

Then, shattered the whole world.

The surge of caffeine pops open,

My head thwarts, broken,

There in the tomb of my lover, I lie, soaking,

Soaking the wet mud of her grave.

Poking me aside her little cuteness,

Stroking my heart bit by bit,

Ate my soul away,

Bit by bit.

The world cries its loudest wails,

There it tells its tales,

Shouting its loudest stories, in pain,

Shaking and taking the whole earth in vain.

Gone are the days where we made love, on those ruffled sheets,

Burning our bodies in our passions,

Boiling our bodies in melted feelings and emotions,

Shaking and rocking, ourselves, in ecstasy.

Gone are the nights, where we stayed alive and in love,

Danced in desire, for this beloved,

Where passion rose and subdued,

There it birthed more, love.

Now, there lies the only insanity,

Where I slit open my reality,

And burst my ferocity.

Now there lies only vanity and pain,

Making me in every moment insane,

I take pills to make the pain go away,

I can’t help but smoke cigarettes away and throw them in tray.

I’m drunk,

High, smoking and snorting,


I'm A.J Shaikh, a moron and a writer. I like writing about Business, Relationships, Men, Romance, Sex & Dating.