Make Your Writing Sexier in 5 Easier Steps

5 min readAug 14, 2022
Make your writing sexier in 5 easier steps
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The one winning trait to survive as a writer is having a pretty great consistency.

The consistency that can’t get stolen.

The consistency can’t get compromised.

The consistency that can’t see fatigue, burnout, or depression.

In every mood or setting, pick up your pen, paper, or any word processing tool that works fast as you type, and write.

That is when you learn to survive as a writer.

When you start writing instead of finding that “aha” moment to write, that’s when the “aha” moment arrives.

The “aha” moment is not your girlfriend who has promised you a consistent commitment to visit every time you sit down to write.

The “aha” moment for most successful writers is nothing but sticking their butts to the chair and writing.

That’s the prerequisite to making your writing sexier.

Let me tell you this, if you type on the keyboard like a moron, making loud noises of tapping, it’s where you’ve found your writing zone.

Don’t let that zone go.

Write shit, or write gold, or write any type of content, staying in that zone.

Write like a moron.

Of course, there are other things you can learn, but if you have this let’s hop on to the important stuff:

Want To Write Sexier? Master Psychology

A weird word I keep hearing every writer say is “Psychology”.

Psychology is learning what makes people click that “buy button”

You can see psychology in the best online content out there.

Great attention-grabbing headlines, great opening lines, and CTAs are examples of the use of psychology.

If you want your writing to get anywhere near the “sexy” then learn psychology.

If you want your writing to look sexy while also being sexy from the inside. Learn copywriting.

If you want to stay a writer who likes writing because the act of typing fluff makes him feel good, then, stay poor, stay broke, and depressed.


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