Want To Transform Your Relationship With Your Girlfriend? Then Stop Being a Nice Guy

Here Are Ways To Shut the Nice Guy Inside You

4 min readApr 12, 2022


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The “nice guy” role has always been a part of your life. It comes out when you need something, but have you ever heard that “women don’t want a nice guy”? They want a bad boy. She wants a guy who can break her heart, take her on an adventure, give her a rollercoaster ride of her emotions, and make her fall in love.

Women want a guy who isn’t nice, nice guys get a spot in her friend circle. Bad boys gain a spot in her bedroom.

A bad boy is the one who is the opposite of a nice guy. Let us understand this by understanding what a nice guy is.

A nice guy lives in a covert contract. He thinks that if he becomes nice enough to the people around him, he’ll get the appreciation and the love he deserves.

The nice guy lets you walk all over him. He doesn’t have any goals and ambitions, and he has no sense of self-worth and respect.

The nice guy uses his niceness to make friends and influence people. He gives until he has nothing to give. The nice guy cannot live with himself, because he’s devoted his life to pleasing others.

A bad boy is the entire opposite. He’s confident and assertive, he’s goal-oriented.

The bad boy knows what is important, and what is not. He can say, ‘no’ to people and not feel guilty about it.

He doesn’t use his niceness to win friends and influence people. He has a sense of self-worth and respect.

The bad boy has goals for his life, and he doesn’t want to lose his time running around pleasing others and wasting his own time. The bad boy can live with himself. He’s devoted to his goals.

Here are the little things you can do to be less of a nice guy.

The Playful Argument

Whenever you both get into a quarrel, your emotions get the worst out of you. You lose your calm, you shout, scream, or call her names and disrespect her. The nice guys don’t know how to argue, and they always surrender in arguments.




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